Kirlin IP 202PR 4,5m


Kirlin Original  Instrument Cable


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Kirlin Original Instrument Cable
1/4″ Mono Plug – 1/4″ Right Angle Mono Plug

Our Original PVC jacket noise-free instrument cables feature 20-gauge OFC conductor, PE insulation, conductive PVC shield with 100% coverage, and OFC spiral shield. With a wide range of colors and configurations, our Original 20 instrument cables are built for live performances. They are equipped with high quality connectors, which feature nickel or gold plated contacts, silver-plated soldering parts, stunning metal housing with distinguishing pearl exterior finish.

●  Straight to right angle 1/4″ metal connectors with nickel plated contact

●  20 gauge Oxygen-Free-Copper (OFC) conductor

●  OFC spiral shielding with 90% coverage

●  Black (BK) PVC jacket with 6.5mm outer diameter

●  5-Year Lifetime Warranty

Wire Gauge 20
Conductor Material OFC
Shielding 90%
Shielding Material OFC
Jacket OD (mm) 6.5
Jacket Material PVC
Package Code CS-6INCH
Available Length (m) 3M/6M/10M
Available Length (ft) 10FT/20FT/30FT