Kirlin IPCV-241 6m


Entry 24 Instrument Cable

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Entry 24 Instrument Cable
1/4″ Mono Plug – 1/4″ Mono Plug

Our Entry 24 PVC jacket noise-free instrument cables feature  24-gauge  CCAM conductor, conductive PVC shield with 100% coverage, and CCAM spiral shielding with 80% coverage.

●  Straight 1/4″ metal connectors with nickel plated contact

●  24 gauge Copper-Calad Aluminum Magnesium alloy (CCAM) conductor

●  CCAM spiral shielding with 80% coverage

●  Black (BK) PVC jacket with 6.3mm outer diameter

●  1-Year Lifetime Warranty

Wire Gauge 24
Conductor Material CCAM
Shielding 80%
Shielding Material CCAM
Jacket OD (mm) 6.3
Jacket Material PVC
Package Code N/A
Available Length (m) 3M/6M/10M
Available Length (ft) 10FT/20FT/30FT