Koch Classictone SE6 combo


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The Koch Classictone SE 6 was designed to please the more demanding guitarist who loves a no-nonsense “all about tone” approach to guitar amplification. The Classictone SE 6 has a single-ended 100% Class-A all-tube amplifier design. It was our goal to use as few components as possible to create an amp which would be very dynamic, super responsive to a guitar player’s playing style and type of guitar, while allowing the vacuum tubes to naturally color the sound.

The beauty of the single-ended design of the Classictone SE 6  is that players can experiment with different tube types in order to get even more different sounds from the amp. For example, when using the EL84 tube, the amp will deliver (tube) tone as it was meant to be. With single coil pickups you will have nice chimey and sparkling clean tones with humbuckers the sound will be slightly darker. The overdrive is smooth. The tubes have just the right amount of compression to track with the overdrive and keep it beautifully controlled while blooming nicely as the note fades out. This produces a very nice organic sustain.
On the other hand, with the EL6V6 tube it has all the classic tone you want, plenty of gain and very little noise. With this tube, the amp sounds great, period. You will get clean with smooth,  clear high end, but on the other end of the spectrum it will deliver big fat bass notes that are well- defined and have a piano-like quality. Crank up the gain, and you will get everything from a nice crunch to an all-out screaming distortion – and not just mush, but a very controllable, musical distortion -. 
The built-in auto-bias circuit enables you to exchange various tube types without the need to rebias the amp. With the Classictone SE 6 you can keep on creating new sounds on the fly by utilizing the single Tone control in combination with the three voicing switches (Mid-boost, Bass-cut & Gain-boost) and with the Gain and Volume control.

The Mid-boost will give you extra definition and the Bass-cut will keep the low-end tight at higher distortion levels. By turning up the Gain and adding Gain-boost you can create a more saturated sound which will get richer the more you turn up the Volume control. As most guitarists love to record their own inspiring tonal paintings we have added a recording output with built-in speaker simulation for the best direct recording results.
The speaker on/off switch enables you to turn off the speaker for silent recording while sending the power to an internal dummy load. For additional flexibility the Classictone SE 6 is equipped with a line input for connecting an external preamp such as the Koch Pedaltone.

Last but definitely not least you can use the Classictone SE 6 in two power modes. The Standby switch has three positions: Standby, Full-power and Low-power. In the Low-power mode, the amp delivers only one third of its nominal output power (Full-power mode), enabling you to create full natural power amp distortion at a lower volume level.


  • Tubes: 1x 12AX7, 1 x 6V6 
  • One Channel
  • Gain, Tone, and Volume controls
  • Switches
    – Front Panel: Gain Boots, Mid Boost, Bass Cut
    – Back Panel: Speaker On/Off with Speaker-Load
  • Output Switch
    – 6W version: 6W / Standby / 2W
  • Recording Out, with Speaker Simulation
  • Line Input: 0 dBV
  • Speaker outputs; 4, 8, 16 Ohm
  • Speaker: Koch VG12-60 
  • Combo Dimensions 34w x 34h x 25d
  • Weight 14.5 kg