Mayson VISTA


Mayson VISTA

Mayson Vista is a musician’s dream !

Offering a well-balanced sound and perfect playability.

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Mayson VISTA

The new Mayson Vista is a musician’s dream! Offering a well-balanced sound and perfect playability. The latest developments and quality improvements have been implemented in the Vista: Satin finished neck for perfect playability, Tusq nut and saddle for improved overtones and richness in sound, ebony fingerboard and bridge for an even faster response and more presence.
The solid Engelman spruce top and mahogany sides and back make this guitar sound light and lively. The slightly wider neck is perfect for fingerstyle players and it still is comfortable for the strummer. Gotoh made machine heads in Mayson design.The installed Fishman Flex Plus pickup system has volume, treble and bass controls discretely mounted in the side. The easy battery access is mounted in the lower bout.
The elegant, luxurious look and professional quality are complemented by the Mayson gigbag.

No endangered woods were used to build this guitar, no need to apply for Cites permits.

A professional full set-up is done at the Mayson European Service Center.

  • body style Mayson Marquis cutaway
  • top wood solid Engelmann spruce
  • back and sides wood mahogany
  • neck wood mahogany
  • fingerboard wood ebony with MOP dots
  • bridge wood ebony
  • body finish glossy
  • neck finish satin
  • pickguard clear
  • machine heads Gotoh, designed by Mayson, ratio 1:18
  • saddle and nut Graphtech Tusq™
  • strings Elixir 012-053
  • truss rod double action
  • scale length 648mm
  • body length 495mm
  • lower bout width 395mm
  • width waist 252mm
  • width upper bout 298mm
  • body depth 112mm
  • top nut width 44,5mm
  • electronics Fishman Flex+ active electronics, volume, treble, bass, phase
  • case GM-25 deluxe bag