25 watt battery powered acoustic amp + effects

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25 watt battery powered acoustic amp + effects

The ideal drum amp for your guitar/vocal sessions!

The Nux AC-25 is a two-channel drum amp optimized for electro-acoustic guitar and a dynamic vocal mic, perfect for singing along with your instrument. Its 25 watts of power and 6.5-inch speaker provide enough sound for rehearsals and small performances, and quality sound from its two preamp models and built-in reverbs. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous play, without the hassle of plugging in wires, and its built-in guitar tuner keeps you in tune. A headphone output and line out allows you to output your signal to a sound system or headphones to play silently. An auxiliary input allows you to broadcast your music and backing tracks via analog cable. But there is also Bluetooth!

Unleash its functionality with the Bluetooth app!

In addition to its already comprehensive control panel and convenient connections, the AC-25 unleashes many more modern, connected features via built-in Bluetooth technology. With its free Stageman App mobile app (on Android and iOS), you have control over the selection and settings of both amp models (Stageman for a rich, warm sound, and LBox for a more transparent sound), but also the two reverb effects (Hall and Plate). The drum machine section of the application offers a metronome and loops of various musical styles to practice. You can also stream your favorite songs or backing tracks via Bluetooth. With its many well thought-out features, the AC-25 amp is mobile, practical and complete!


  • Cabinet: Slanted
  • Category: Acoustic guitar amp
  • Diameter h-p : 6,5″
  • Dimensions (mm) : 280 x 218 x 220
  • EQ : 3-band
  • Speaker : Closed
  • Inputs : aux minijack, instrument jack, XLR/jack
  • Finish : Wood
  • Number of channels : 2
  • Weight (kg) : 5 kg
  • Power : 25 W
  • Reverb : No
  • Headphone output : Yes
  • Outputs : Line out jack
  • Technology : Transistors

Complementary specs :

  • Acoustic amp on drums + modelling + reverbs + drum machine + bluetooth
  • 2 channels : guitar and guitar/vocal (dynamic microphone)
  • Channel 1 guitar : volume, bass, middle, treble
  • Channel 2 guitar/vocals : volume, reverb send
  • Master volume and master reverb
  • Modelling: Stageman preamp and LBox
  • Reverbs : Hall and Plate
  • Built-in tuner function with display
  • Bluetooth connection for mobile app and audio stream
  • Stageman mobile app (Android / iOS)
  • Drum machine function with the app
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery with up to 4 hours of play time
  • Power supply: 15V DC (included)
  • Removable stand for higher sound level
  • Carrying strap included