NUX HD Pitch (NTU-2) Mini Pedal Tuner


Pedal tuner

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Precise Tuning / Signal Correction

NUX HD PITCH Mini Pedal Tuner is a precise tuner with full colored LED screen and HD visuals. And it is perfect to be “first” in a signal chain.

When you engage the pedal, it’s an accurate tuner.
When you disengage the pedal, it’s a signal buffer (in Buffer Bypass mode).

Tuner Overview

This Mini-Pedal Tuner is a whole new breed, created and developed with our latest technology yielding an ultra-fast response time, and unmatched precision tuning.  It has 2 bright LED screens that display: notes, tuning, calibration, and bypass mode.


●Tuning Range
A0 (27.5 Hz) to C8 (4186 Hz)
●Tuning Accuracy
±0.1 cent
●Reference Pitch
A4 = 436-445 Hz
●Input Impedance
1M ohm
●Output Impedance
1K ohm
●Power Input
Standard 9V DC, center negative >100mA (power supply not included)
174g/ 6 oz
94(L)×51(w)×53(H)mm | 3.7(L)×2.0(W)×2.08(H)inches