Nux Mighty 8SE


Ενισχυτής κιθάρας  με bluetooth, reverb + delay, drums,backing track  3W

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Nux Mighty 8SE

8 Sound Presets
1 – Clean: Soft clean tone for your ballads
2 – Blues :Overdrive to get your little wings on
3 – Crunch: Overdrive to get into highway to hell
4 – British: Distortion with thickest accent you ever heard
5 – Classic: Distortion for the classic heavy metal riff lords
6 – Solo: Distortion to shred all the ears within range
7 – Metal: Distortion for your neighbors
8 – Flat: This is an optional preset for microphone or acoustic guitar connection

4 Modulation Effects and Delay/Reverb effects
You can run 2 effects simultaneously on Mighty 8SE. You can choose on of the Modulation effects; Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Tremolo, and choose Delay or Reverb to make a combination. Easy to select an effect and adjust the effect level as much as you like. You can adjust the Delay Time with TAP TEMPO.

Easy to Use and Portable
Choose a sound preset, control the frequency levels with 3-band EQ and add some effects. You are ready to rock. Before you hit the guitar strings, don’t forget to tune your guitar, push and hold the TAP button for 2 seconds and use the built-in tuner. You can plug your headphones for silent practicing, and there is an auxiliary input for music player connection to play along. You can use the power adapter included the box, or you can take your amp to outside and run with the batteries (not included).