Bromo BAR 3 Rocky Mountain


Τraveller guitar

Διαθέσιμο σε 2 εβδομάδες

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Bromo BAR 3 Rocky Mountain

The Rocky Mountain Series reflects the unforgettable beauty of the mountain range whose name it shares. We are sure these top-of-the-line models will achieve a high level of enjoyment for professional players.

​Rocky Mountain Series includes a variety of guitars with different body shapes, scales, finishes and tonewoods, offering a wide range of choices. They come with all solid bodies for the fullest acoustic tones. Patented ToneFlow bracing system (except retro models BAR1H and BAR1HM) further boosts vibrations across the body, creating a wider tone spectrum and richer flavors than conventionally braced guitars. Individual setup at factory and meticulous attention to detail ensure sensational playing comfort on our Rocky Mountain Series guitars.

All Solid

Body Shape : Traveller

Scale : 580 mm ( 22 13/16″ )

Nut Width : 43 mm ( 1 11/16″ )

Top : Solid Spruce

Bracing : Patented “ToneFlow” Bracing

Back & Sides : Solid Amara Ebony

Neck : Mahogany with one Amara Ebony Reinforcement Stripss

Truss Rod : Two-Way Truss Rod

Fingerboard : Amara Ebony

Fingerboard Inlays : “Eagle Eye”, Abalone

Head Veneer : Amara Ebony

Head Logo : Mt. Bromo, Maple

Soundhole Decoration : “Cowboy Rope”, Abalone

Soundhole Reinforcement : Amara Ebony

Bridge : “Eagle Wing” Amara Ebony

Bridge Pins : “Eagle Eye” Abalone

Neck Heel Decoration : Mt. Bromo, Abalone

Frets : Jumbo, 20 Frets

Nut & Saddle : Bone

Machine Heads : Diecast, Mt. Bromo, Black, Traveller’s Size

Finish : Satin