GOTOH Wilkinson VSV tremolo


Strat tremolo – The VSVG Tremolo is mounted with 6 screws

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GOTOH Wilkinson VSV tremolo


The VSVG Tremolo is mounted with 6 screws.

Due to the elongated holes in the base plate, the VSVG not only fits on bodies with 56mm screw spacing, but can also be used for bodies with 54mm screw spacing.

The elongated holes also ensure extremely low-friction while using the tremolo as they won’t bind.

The tremolo block, the base plate and the adjustable locking string saddles are made of steel for optimal sound and sustain.

For a more consistent string angle the string mounting holes are staggered, which ensures a well balanced sound between the individual strings and additionally supports the tuning stability.

The tremolo arm is inserted and can be adjusted with a small allen screw in the tremolo block hidden under the baseplate.

  • String spacing: 54mm